Staff Merit Award

Staff Merit 2019-20 Winners with SRL

2019-20 Staff Merit Award recipients Rita Miller, Joan Long and Andrew Mendoza with Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Soncia Reagins-Lilly Jess Cybulski

Meet the 2019-20 Staff Merit Award recipients below.

Texas Parents established the Staff Merit Award in 1998 to recognize employees in any department or position in the Division of Student Affairs who contribute every day to a culture of excellence. The award recognizes employees who support student success, strengthen services provided by the Division and inspire fellow staff to make a habit of seeking excellence in their own work. A list of past recipients can be found below.

Nominees must be full-time employees who have worked in the Division of Student Affairs for at least three consecutive years.

The 2019-20 award recipients were recognized at the Division-wide Staff Meeting on Wednesday, January 29, 2020. Honorees received a plaque and $1,500 award from Texas Parents.

Meet the 2019-20 Staff Merit Award Recipients:

Click here for a list of Staff Merit Award Recipients, 2019-20 to 1998-99.