Student Organization Grants

2021-22 Student Organization Grants Update

Each academic year, the Texas Parents Students Organization Grants are traditionally extended to student organizations for student activities, events and service projects. These grants are made possible by generous donations and contributions from parents, families and friends of the Texas Parents Association. Due to the pandemic’s continued financial impact, Student Organization Grants will not be awarded for the 2021-22 year.

2020-21 Student Organization Grant

Texas Parents Student Organization Grants were not awarded in the 2020-21 academic year due to financial considerations resulting from the pandemic. Through conversations with Student Government leadership in which great insights were shared about the importance of Texas Parents supporting students during the pandemic, the decision was made to have funds granted to the Student Emergency Services Fund.

Although student activities, events and service could not be funded this academic year, Texas Parents felt it was important to find a way to continue the tradition of reinvesting in the community our parents’ and families’ students call home. In doing so, Texas Parents will be granting $5,000 to the UT Austin Student Emergency Services (SES) Emergency Fund and to the UT Austin Academic Counselors Association (ACA). The $5,000 to the SES Emergency Fund will specifically be used for financial support to students when a verified emergency has impacted a student’s health, safety or well-being. The $5,000 to ACA will specifically be used for professional development of UT Austin Academic Advisors.

Learn more about the Student Emergency Services Fund here and learn more about the ACA here.


2019-20 Student Organization Grant Recipients

Click here to learn more about the 2019-20 Student Organization grant recipients. 

Each Student Organization Grant Recipient completed reports showcasing the impact their activities, events or projects made on the UT Austin and/or Austin Community. Click here to read their stories, explore photos from their activities, events and projects and discover what these recipients had to say to parents, families, members and friends of the Texas Parents Association whose generous donations and contributions made their activity, event, or project possible.

Past Grant Recipients

Learn more about the activities, events and projects that have received funding in the past.

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